Import and Export Formats

The "Clever Net Worth" app allows you to export the account and balance information to an external file. This data can later be imported back into the app creating new accounts with the old balance data.

This functionality allows you to:

  • create backups of your accounts and associated balances

  • restore your data back to a previous backup

  • use your balance and account data in other applications (like Microsoft Excel)

Note: the account category (if provided) is included in the file name. The Account Note is not included in the export.

The following sections will help you to understand how to access these imports and exports.

How to Access an Export File on iPads and iPhones

When you use the Export functionality within Clever Net Worth, a Comma Separated Values (or CSV) file is produced and stored on your Mac, iPad or iPhone along with the app. On iPads and iPhones this cannot be accessed directly except by using the Import function.

In order to use the export file for other purposes (such as charting in Microsoft Excel, you need to access it on your device using Apple’s “Files” app.

An export file is made visible within “Files”. To find the export files:

  1. Return to your device’s home screen and start the “Files” app.

  2. Tap “Browse” on the bottom toolbar and make sure that “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad” is selected as the “Location”.

  3. Tap the “Clever Net Worth” folder.

  4. All currently available export files will be shown here.

  5. Tap a file to open in quick view or use the “Select” function in the top left, tap on the desired file(s) and then use the share button on the toolbar to open in an appropriate file, attach it to an email or messages etc.

How to Copy Across a File to Import

You may wish to import a previously exported export file onto a different device. Just remember that the file must conform to the file format defined below in Export and Import File Structure.

The easiest way is to email the file to yourself as an attachment, open the email on your target device, tap the file attachment and use the sharing button. You can then save it to Files. On iPhones and iPads just make sure you save it to the location: “On My iPhone / Clever Net Worth” or “On My iPad / Clever Net Worth”.

Then open Clever Net Worth on your device and select the "IMPORT account" button from the Account Details screen.

Export and Import File Structure

The file created by the Export function within Clever Net Worth or one which you generate yourself to Import must adhere to a defined structure. This section defines that structure for you.

The Basic Structure

These files are Comma Separated Value or CSV files that can be read by a wide range of programs including Microsoft Excel and have the following basic structure:

A single Header line

Followed by one row for each balance date.

The Header Line

The header line must contain the following:


The Data Lines

The header line is followed by one or more data lines, one per balance date. The structure of the data lines is as follows:


Note the following about the data lines:

The date is formatted exactly as short-date in your region. In Australia that is dd/m/yy. Export a test account to see how your dates are formatted and copy it.

Most entries will not have an event. In this case there will just be the second comma.

If any data value contains a comma, enclose the value in quotes. e.g.

12/6/19,123.45,”This event has a comma, here”

An Example Export File

The following is an example of a valid export file:










24/7/17,581.71,Sample event 115





25/8/17,631.90,Sample event 319

Export File Name

A file exported by Clever Net Worth will have a name in the following form:

Account Name-Category-Date-at-Time.csv

Note the following about the export file name:

  • .csv is the file type

As an example, a valid export file name is:


Import File Name

If you create an import file yourself, it can be named anything you wish as long as it has the .csv extension. This name does not need to conform to the export file name pattern shown above.