Clever Net Worth


Unfortunately I have had to remove this app from the App Store and support as at 12 March 2024.  You may continue to use the app if you have already downloaded it but some functionality may become unsupported over time.

-------- left in place for support of current users -------

Are You Getting Richer or Poorer

PROBLEM: You have lots of accounts and it is hard to track how your net worth is trending over time.  

TOO HARD: Normal accounting packages will have you recording every transaction expense and income item.

With 'Clever Net Worth' you just enter account balances whenever it makes sense to you.  And see graphically how everything is trending.


Track all your Money

Assets (things you own) and Liabilities (things you owe).

Group Accounts into Collections

E.g. Net Worth = all accounts, Home Equity = House Value & Home Loan.

Enter Balances when it makes Sense to You

E.g. cash everyday, home loan once a month, house value once a year…and add events descriptions if desired.

Forecast into the Future

See projected account or collection balances in future years based on your past balances.



Need help using Clever Net Worth?  The answer is probably below.  However, if your question is not answered here then please ask us directly by sending us an email.

Where is my data stored - can anyone else access it?

All of the app data is stored on your local device or your own personal Apple iCloud account.  It is not shared with the developer or available to anyone else.  Only those that have access to your devices have access to your data. 

If multiple people have access to your Mac, iPhone or iPad you can protect your data from prying eyes using a password, Face ID or Touch ID - go to the “Settings & Support” screen.

You can also choose to share your Clever Net Worth data between your devices using iCloud.  

Can I automatically download my latest balance in Clever Net Worth from my bank account?

Clever Net Worth does not provide automatic linkages to your bank accounts.  This app is based on you entering (manually) a single balance whenever it suits you rather than capturing all your individual transactions (which would be a pain to do manually).  We choose to maintain an increased level of security by not needing the app to have access to your accounts.

However, you can cut and paste the latest balance if you so desire.  On a Mac or iPad you can even have two windows open side by side with say Clever Net Worth on the left and your bank’s app on the right and then cut and paste between them.

Synching your Clever Net Worth data between your devices

Clever Net Worth can be used on your Apple Macs, iPhones and iPads.  However, by default, each device maintains its own local copy of the data which is not shared between your devices (or with anyone else).  If you are using Clever Net Worth on multiple devices, a change made on one set of accounts will not be seen on the other device.

This is great if, for example, you are using the app for your accounts on a Mac and your partner is managing their own accounts on their iPad.  But what if you want to share your data between all your devices...update an account on your iPad and then see those changes on your Mac?  Or if you want to change the device you are using to manage your own accounts?  For example, you want to change from the Mac to your iPhone?

Luckily, since v5.0 this is very easy to do.  iCloud synching to the rescue.

Imagine you have Clever Net Worth on your Mac and on your iPhone.  By default, Clever Net Worth stores your data on your local device as shown below.  In this case, changes made on the Mac stay on the Mac and the same happens on your iPhone.  You are effectively running 2 different sets of accounts.

If you want to share your data between your devices you need to follow these steps.  Of course you need to be logged into the same AppleID on both devices.

1. First decide which of your 2 sets of data will become the shared set of accounts, balances and collections.  For this example, let's choose the Mac's data.

2. Open Clever Net Worth on your Mac and go to the 'Settings & Support' screen.  In our example, the top setting will be highlighting the 'Use data on this Device' setting (A).

3. Change to 'Use iCloud data' by tapping the other side of the setting (B).

4. A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to replace the data in the iCloud data store with the data on your local device.  In this case we do so tap the red 'OK Copy' button.

This will do 3 things for you: a) make a backup of whatever data is currently on your iCloud store, b) copy your local Clever Net Worth data to the iCloud store, and c) change your Mac to now be using the iCloud store instead of the local Mac data.  Note that your iPhone is still using its local store.

5. Now open Clever Net Worth on your iPhone, go to the 'Settings & Support' screen and tap the 'Use iCloud data' button. IMPORTANT: this time, tap the 'NO Don't Copy' button on the dialog screen.  You want to use the iCloud data that initially came from the Mac and not your iPhone.  Now both of your devices are using the same Clever Net Worth data store. Make a change on your iPhone and you will see it on your Mac.

I deleted a balance in an Account but it still shows up in a Collection. Why?

This is the way collections work and is not a bug.  A collection brings together data from more than 1 account. In the case you are describing you must have a balance in another account on the date in question that is also included in the collection.

For example, imagine a collection called "House Equity" which has the accounts "House Value" and "Mortgage" as members. To start with let's also assume that balances exist for both accounts on 8 Dec 2019, 15 Dec 2019 and 14 Jan 2020. The collection will show a balance on all 3 dates : the sum of the balances of each account on these dates. Now assume you deleted the balance on 15 Dec for the Mortgage account only. The collection will still show a balance on 15 Dec : the sum of the balance on 15 Dec for House Value and the previous balance for Mortgage  (the one from 8 Dec in this instance). You would need to also delete the balance in House Value on the 15 Dec for that date to disappear in the Collection view.

What is shared between the Mac and iPad or iPhone versions of Clever Net Worth?

Clever Net Worth now works on both your Mac computer (desktop or laptop) and your iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).  

If you have multiple device types that use the same AppleID, then there is some special linkage between the various versions:

The 'Unlock Accounts' inApp that you have bought will work on all devices without having to pay for it a second or third time.

As an example, if you bought the "Unlock Accounts" unlock on the iPad version of Clever Net Worth, this is also available for free on the Mac version of the same app.  To access it, just start the Mac version, tap on the 'Settings & Support' tab, tap on the first button in the list and the "Unlock Accounts" purchase screen will be displayed (which will initially have a price displayed). Then hit "RESTORE".  Your purchase from the iPad will be restored and applied to your Mac version!  

You can also share your Clever Net Worth data between your devices using iCloud sync. See the entry 'Synching your Clever Net Worth data between your devices' above for further information.